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Victoria Group - road transport services - some vehicles from our fleet

To provide a fully integrated service to our customers, the Victoria Group offers local, regional and nationwide road transport services from its ports.

In total, the Victoria Group handles around 1,000,000 tonnes of road freight each year.

The Group has two licensed road haulage operating centres, at the Port of Seaham and Port of Boston.

Group vehicles operate on a 24/7 basis, out of Seaham and Boston, and also from Mersey Wharf and the Victoria Group West Midlands Rail Terminal.

Part of the Victoria Group Transport fleet Victoria Group Transport:

The “Victoria Group Transport” fleet of 25 vehicles is managed from the Port of Seaham. The fleet is composed of a range of vehicles and to meet our customers’ diverse requirements it is equipped with 40 trailers, including:

  • tipping and tilting trailers
  • bulk powder tankers
  • flat-bed trailers
  • “slidaflex” trailers
  • curtain-sided trailers (8 new multi-purpose curtain-sided trailers have recently been added). These are suitable for steel coil and unitised cargoes.
  • specialist and multi-purpose trailers for carrying steel coil

The fleet has vehicles dedicated to local runs from Seaham, Boston and Mersey Wharf, in addition to those undertaking national runs to serve the Group and its customers. Furthermore, Victoria Group Transport’s vehicles undertake third-party work – carrying products including bagged clay and bricks – when available.

Road haulage and forwarding contracts are handled through the Port of Seaham. Both the Port of Boston and Port of Seaham also work closely with a substantial number of third-party hauliers, some of whom are dedicated to meeting the needs of particular Group customers through bespoke transport solutions including powder tankers and tipping trailers.

We operate under the Road Haulage Association (RHA) Conditions of Carriage and Conditions of Storagefind more information here.

Victoria Group road transport at the Boston port facility

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