Customer Benefits of Victoria Group IT systems


Victoria Group has made a strategic decision to invest in bespoke development of IT systems. This has made it possible not only to focus on direct benefits for customers and ensuring business efficiencies, but also to avoid the expense of unnecessary functionality in our systems.

The APMTS (Agency, Port Management and Transport System):

The in-house APTMS not only meets the Group’s business needs, but is also extremely flexible, allowing swift reaction to the changing requirements of our customers.

Key Benefits of the APMTS:

  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).  We have key EDI links with many major clients and more can be added as required.  EDI formats include EDIFACT, XML via Web services and even Customer Specific technologies.
  • EXCEL compatibility. The APMTS has been developed to work closely with Microsoft Excel software. There is a recognisable user interface, and it is easy to import and export information with EXCEL.  A customer’s manifest information provided in electronic format can be efficiently imported, removing the risk of error from re-entry of data, and reports generated for customers can be easily exported to Excel.
  • Flexible Customer Reporting.  The APMTS provides a range of Customer Stock reports, which can be emailed automatically to clients on request.  It is also possible to produce customer-specific reports, which can also be sent automatically on an agreed schedule.
  • Fully Traceable Stock Control.  As Clients’ stock is handled by the Victoria Group, each step from receipt into stock, through every movement, reservation and planning action, to despatch, delivery and invoice is recorded.
  • Bar Code Scanners.  The APMTS has been developed to operate on hand held Bar Code Scanners, allowing stock traceability of bar-coded product to extend to real-time recording.  The scanners capture the receipt, movement and despatch of a product, in real time.
  • Recording of Bagging.  The Bar Code Scanners are also capable of recording bagging of bulk material, ensuring client stock is accurately recorded, and traceability starts at the earliest possible step.
  • Order Handling and Transport Planning.  The APMTS allows the stock to be reserved at the point it is requested and planned from the time a delivery date is known.  All loads are traceable from loading in-store through to delivery to end client (if using Victoria Group transport).
  • Digital Signature Recording. By using Signature Pads to capture driver signatures when a load is despatched, the handling of customers’ drivers on-site is speeded up. The ability for signed tickets to be automatically emailed to clients for up-to-the-moment information is currently under development.
  • Inventory Linking. All Victoria Group Ports are fully Inventory Linked.
  • Agency Automation.  Our Bespoke Agency System has been developed to be a fundamental tool which interfaces direct with all sections of the Maritime industry to facilitate the efficient control and movement of goods through all Victoria Group Ports. The system allows the accurate capturing of all information regarding a port stay and automates a wide range of bespoke reports required by our customers. This ensures the efficient handling and accurate reporting of any vessel for which the Group acts as an Agent.

This list of the key benefits of our APMTS system is far from comprehensive. Other routine tasks including Contract Management, Process Recording, and Full Stock Management are also handled.

Other examples of the Victoria Group’s automated systems:

The Group’s investment in automation extends beyond APMTS and is at the core of our operations. Other developments include:

PAWS (Port Automated Weighbridge System)
In addition to the AMPTS system being able to automatically capture a weighbridge weight directly, Victoria Group has developed a fully automated weighbridge for Dock Running.

Vehicles loading or discharging Bulk Material for a vessel can run across the weighbridge and have both tare and load weights recorded accurately without any user intervention required.

This has proved quicker than the manual recording and, more importantly, is allowing us to use more weighbridge at the same time, so greatly improving our handling of customer lorries on our main weighbridge.

High Definition CCTV and Security
The Group has invested heavily in CCTV throughout all our ports. We only use high quality, high definition cameras to ensure that all key areas of the port are constantly monitored.  The CCTV is all IP (Network) based, which allows connection to cameras from any of our ports, improving the quality of the Group’s 24-hour security monitoring.

Voice over IP telephones (VOIP)
We now have all of our sites using VOIP telephones, allowing more dynamic ring groups, to help answer your queries as quick as possible!