Mersey Wharf


Arklow Sky arriving at the Victoria Group's Mersey Wharf
MERSEY WHARF The Victoria Group's Mersey Wharfat Bromborough, Wirral has two operational berths (NAABSA) with a quay length of 230m, and can handle ships up to 7,500 tonnes (providing that the vessel can accommodate NAABSA berthing). This facility is well-equipped to handle a wide variety of cargoes.  Shore-side power generators are available if required.

The 16 acre site has extensive open storage areas and 12,500 square metres of covered storage suitable for both
bulk and general cargo.

Extensive freehold land is also available, offering opportunities
for the development of further customised storage.

Construction steel at Mersey WharfMersey Wharf:

  • operates to UKWA (UK Warehousing Association) standards
  • is accredited by FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme)
  • is accredited by TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme
    for Combinable Crops)
  • operates to COMAH (Control of Major Accident
    Hazards ) standards
  • operates with regard to CARES (Certification Authority
    for Reinforcing Steel) standards