Stock Control


forkliftThe Group’s automated weighbridge and stock control systems provide accurate real-time information, which ensures the full traceability essential for successful business today.

The Victoria Group’s
Agency, Port Management and Transport System (APMTS)

Victoria Group developed the APMTS to facilitate secure EDI (Electronic Data Interface) between warehousing, our customers and end users – effectively providing a safe interface not only between the Group and its customers, but also between our customers and their own customers.

In overview:

  • Victoria Group are fully Inventory Linked to HMRC – Inventory Linking is a digital system that enables the efficient movement and control of goods through a port.
  • the manifest of each ship docking at one of the Group’s ports can be uploaded into the PMTS, with cargo items identified as “inbound”;
  • on arrival, each item is barcode scanned, off-loaded and warehoused and its status on the PMTS changes to “in stock”;
  • our customers can interrogate the APMTS by “parts required” to identify what is available in store. The PMTS analyses the request and offers availability of the items required on a FIFO basis;
  • if the customers accepts the offer made, the APMTS prints delivery tickets and ordered items are transported to the required destination by the Victoria Group Transport fleet.
  • The APMTS can automatically generate (and securely deliver) bespoke reports as required by our customers.

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Mersey Wharf is compliant with CARES (Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steel) standards, allowing full traceability from Mill onwards: the Victoria Group’s PMTS continues this high standard of traceability.

Similarly, Victoria Group ports operate to the standards of the FIAS (Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme) Fertiliser Security and Traceability scheme, ensuring the traceability and safety of all fertilisers.