Cookies and Privacy Policy


The Victoria Group website does not collect visitors’ data – we are not interested in profiling our visitors.

We offer links to other websites that may use cookies, but are not under our control and responsibility. We also offer third party technical functions to improve our service, e.g. Google Translate scripts. These functions use cookies only when activated: more technical details are given below.

The Victoria Group does use technical cookies for webmaster page editing; these are activated only when a webmaster has logged onto the site for editing purposes.

Google Translate cookies
“Google Translate” sets two third party technical cookies:
1) googtrans
This cookie stores the translation preference: it contains translation languages, for example ‘/en/it (English to Italian)’, and expires when you close your browser

The PREF cookie remembers basic preferences, such as choice of language, format of search results, how to display information.
PREF expires in 2 years and its structure looks like this example:
ID = a browser identifier; TM = a timestamp of when the cookie was created; LM = a timestamp of when the browser preferences were last changed; S = a digital signature generated by Google which works in combination with page address settings (e.g. in the Google books site it is used to only show a few pages of the book).

Turning Cookies Off
To learn more about Cookies, and how you can disable and block them, we suggest that you visit

Google Translate:
Victoria Group uses Google Translate on the website as part of our aim to communicate as clearly and widely as possible with our website visitors. The translations should not be considered exact and and in some cases may include incorrect or offensive language. But the translations do improve over time, as the tool is used more frequently.

Victoria Group does not warrant the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of any information translated by this system and will not accept liability for loss or damage incurred as a result.