Environment Policy


Environment Policy Statement:

Concern for the environment is integral to the overall objectives and operating principles of the Victoria Group. The board and management of the Group are committed to continually improving environmental performance and minimising its impact on the surrounding environment at all Victoria Group Ports.

As part of this policy we aim to:

  • Comply with and wherever possible exceed all statutory requirements
  • Adopt best available practice and seek to continually improve environmental performance
  • Minimise the environmental impact by reducing, reusing and recycling waste
  • Identify environmental risks and ensure these risks are managed effectively and economically
  • Promote efficient use of energy through energy monitoring and use of best technology practice
  • Raise employee awareness of the impact of their activities have on the environment and encourage employee involvement in identifying areas for improvement
  • Record and review environmental complaints as part of our commitment to BS EN ISO 9000 accreditation or standard
  • Maintain and review our Waste Management and Pollution Control plans
  • Encourage environmental awareness with our Customers. Suppliers and Contractors
  • Promote close and open relationships with our neighbours
  • Ensure compliance with the Environmental aspects of the Port Marine Safety Code

Alan Luscombe
Group Director with responsibility for Environmental issues
April 2018