Health and Safety Policy


Health and Safety Policy Statement

October 2016

H&S 1.1

The Victoria Group is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and other stakeholders and to conduct its business in a safe manner. Health and Safety are core values that must be incorporated into all aspects of our business.

Everyone working for The Victoria Group expects a safe and healthy work environment, and in turn, we expect everyone to contribute to that safe environment through their personal actions and responsible behaviour. Employee competence will be assessed and training needs reviewed regularly.

Management is accountable for the prevention of injuries and occupational illnesses. Risk assessments will be done for every job undertaken, with employees consulted and involved in the process.

It is our belief that leadership should be both visible and felt; therefore every Director, Manager, and Team Leader should show their individual commitment by always presenting a good image and setting a good example, and robustly enforcing company safety procedures.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Date: October 2016
Alan Luscombe: Director with responsibility for Health and Safety.